Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is Change Possible?

Is Change Possible?

Change seems to be the most difficult thing. Countless New Year’s resolutions go unfulfilled every year. We cannot lose weight or exercise. New commitments do not hold.

As a society we fare no better. Elected politicians still cheat, steal, and lie. We go to war. There is prejudice at home. The numbers of homeless increase. Apathy and ill-health are on the rise. And, our children are evermore abused and neglected.

So what is the problem? Is it possible for us to change and become better human beings? Unless we agree that it is possible, we are essentially saying that change is hopeless, that we are all just “trolls” who will never be better than we are. Why then become irate over cheating politicians if we would do the same thing in his place? If our nature is thus, then any talk of morality or kindness would only be hypocritical.

If, on the other hand, we feel in our hearts that change is possible, then how can we know if this is really true for human beings when so much around us says we don’t change?

We must first make the distinction between people not changing—and people being unable to change. One is a matter of choice—while the other is a death sentence for our species.

The only way to convince ourselves that human beings do have the potential, and the power, to change—is for US to change! As a representative of mankind, if I can change, then it is possible for mankind to change. See how powerful this is! Mankind’s hope rests with me!!

If I can change, all men can change. So, it matters not that men have murdered down through the ages. All that matters is that I do not murder. If I can live without murdering, then so could the rest of men.

Others may be violent, but what matters most is that I end violence within myself. In this way, my life then becomes a living experiment with the fate of the world in the balance! World Peace is in my hands.

What else could I change? Could I end Greed and Selfishness within myself? Then our children would still have a chance in this world!

Human beings have Free Will. Choice is always in our hands. I always have the choice to help you or harm you. I always have the choice to make the Intelligent or destructive choice. I can always choose the apple over the doughnut, the veggie burger over the steak. And, every Intelligent choice that I make—reverberates throughout the entire Universe.
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