Friday, March 27, 2009

The "Now" Moment

The "Now" Moment

Every Now moment is fraught with opportunity. We do not see the Now as it is but rather through the filter of our wants , hopes , desires, and fears. Our view of Reality, the “What is”, is distorted by our concept of “What should be”. In the shadow of this distortion, we become short-sighted and single-minded. In this limited and stagnant view, we see only the moment’s failures to satisfy our desires. We are blind to the actual… to the Fact. We are blind to the myriad possibilities that abound and that are strewn all about us.

Only when we approach the Now humbly, with an attentive clear mind, can we see the beginnings of the endless possibilities.

When we are distraught with the happenings of this world, when the world is not measuring to our expectations, we fail to see the opportunities that are spread about us. Only the truly free mind will be able to see them. And only that mind will feel the awe and joy of the moment. Only that mind will know the real meaning of happiness and the precious gift of Life.

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