Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Labor and Wealth

Labor and Wealth

There was an interesting bumper sticker that read… “Labor creates all wealth”. What does one say? Does this pro-labor statement contain any Truth? Let’s examine it.

In the order of Man where Nature’s raw materials are considered “free” and “there for the taking”… then any added value… or “real wealth”… is taken to be only what the hand of Man has contributed. Then… strictly from and within this human assumption… this quote could make perfectly good sense! So… within the Illusion created by Man… this statement WOULD have all the appearances of “truth”.

Natural Order… on the other hand… is the greater Order… and lies outside Man’s Illusion. Within this higher Order… we see that true Wealth is produced naturally and automatically by the infinite Forces of Nature. Nature’s majesty is indeed Free… to be used harmoniously with our Mother Earth… and all her living ecosystems.

It is only when Nature’s Bounty begins to be used for Greed and Advantage… instead of Harmony with the Sacred Whole… that the true crimes of Human existence… come into being. It is inescapable that once we fail to appreciate the wondrous Gift of Life bestowed upon us… and slip into Illusion… that the suffering begins.

Within the Natural Order… all the environmental and World’s problems… are obvious and their causes perfectly clear. For those locked into the Illusion of the Human Order… however… these problems form such a perplexing dilemma… that we are happy to hand them over to the Authorities… the ones more knowledgeable on the bewildering predicament. Unfortunately… these same “experts” are also the same people who are causing… and profiting from… the problems! And… it is exactly the response from us they were hoping for!!

Those that seek Personal Gain and Advantage would have the rest of us believe in the Illusion… that the Human order is the real form of wealth… while they secretly stockpile all of Nature’s wealth... the so-called “natural resources”... into their own coffers. They steal all the real wealth that Nature produces under the unnatural guise of “ownership”. In this way… the rich can take what was meant for all to share… and fence it in for themselves… leaving for the rest of us only the Illusion of Man made goods.

By convincing us that Nature is free and meant for us to use (calling them “natural resources”)… they then guarantee their own wealth by taking charge of the Sacred land and ecosystems of Mother Earth. They begin the charade by placing the real wealth in their own pocket. The tree… for example… is worked into a board… sold to us… and then we are told that it is only the Human labor that matters. In this shell game… we now see the board as a human creation… and render Nature’s role as immaterial and insignificant!

We have been conditioned to accept the Human order as the only real order. It is only what Man produces that is important… and is the only “wealth”. Cities are thus created that are entirely human designs powered by… and dependent on… unnatural energy. Here the human order prevails… and Nature is crowded out with the “progress” of Man. We learn to seek our food in supermarkets… drive automobiles… and entertain ourselves with TV’s. Our entire lives are then lived within this artificial order. Here the Illusion is complete!

The unnatural world of Human order becomes our “reality”… and is the Illusion we are born into. It is the illusion that… by the time we are old enough to think for ourselves… we have already accepted as our “reality”. It is this Illusion that we then call “truth”. It is also the Illusion according to which we make all our decisions and order our lives. Furthermore… it is the same Illusion that we then teach and pass on to our children!

In this way… the gullible and unsuspecting masses are herded into our unnatural cities where… like a stage play… it can be made to appear that the fabricated and artificial order of Man is all important… and the only “reality”. After all… our lives now completely depend on it for our needs and survival! In this “Matrix”… in this artificial “bubble of reality”… all the human crimes and suffering are made to appear “natural”.

Only when we can break free of this pervasive Illusion can we see the World as it really is. Only then can we see the wonders and Harmony of Creation itself. Only then can we come to know our Creator.

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