Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Nature of Conflict

The Human order is in direct opposition to the Natural Order. We have made Greed our God. Seeking Pleasure and Advantage has become our ongoing quest in life. It has become our singular purpose in life.

The large funded corporations seek only their bottom line. Therefore, is it really so surprising that none of the Fortune 500 companies is operating sustainably. And… we the people… have given this horrendous way of living our blessing!

We have come to revel in our unsustainable lifestyles. So much so that we are willing to fight for it… to kill for it… to destroy the innocent and the defenseless… so that we may keep our luxuries. It matters not to us that we do it at the expense of others… that our “success” comes from standing on the shoulders of our brothers and sisters… that our comfort is their burden… that it is the very cause of their suffering.

While Greed has become the accepted centerpiece of the Human order… the Harmony within the Natural Order is made possible entirely through the movement of Love. Where Greed seeks only the advantage of the fragment… Love seeks the wellbeing of the Whole. We can easily see that Love and Greed are Mutually Exclusive movements. And… we are personally either moving in the one stream… or the other.

The current Human order… based on Greed… is… from the very first step… in conflict with the Natural Order… and with all the other fragments comprising the whole. In this view… the Natural World… and all our brothers and sisters… become our “enemies”… and must be dominated so that we can keep our Advantage.

Choosing the Path of Greed automatically places us in conflict with everything that is not “Me”. Even personal relationships must eventually succumb to this force of selfishness. We are interested in only our own Advantage… our own Pleasures… our own petty “likes” and “dislikes”. In such a self-centered world… we are detached… and in opposition… to everyone and everything around us. To anyone on such a path… Conflict will seem as the “natural order” of things. Then… with opposition as the seemingly natural way of living… Domination and Cruelty can always be justified! Those that keep us from getting what we want… immediately become our enemies.

How does one escape the destruction and suffering that inevitably follows the movement of Greed? If we truly want to escape from its clutches… we must first look at the Truth of such a Path. We must not turn away… even if it incriminates our life choices up to this point. When we can see its Wrongness… deep down to our cell level… when there is no longer any doubt… only then will we be able to break free of our chains… only then will the possibility of a whole new way of living open to us.

When we can place Love at our center in place of Greed… we will find ourselves in a whole different world. Love seeks the Health and Wellbeing of the Whole. As a “team player”… one easily Harmonizes with all that is Good in the World. The conflict of selfishness and the seeking of personal Advantage are gone.

When our mind becomes truly centered in Love… we will find ourselves aligned with the infinite forces of the higher Natural Order. New undreamed worlds of wonder and excitement will open to us. We will be vibrating with… and abetting… the infinite forces of Creation. We become its creative servant… and unleash the true meaning of Creativity… as we ourselves partake in the Sacred infinite and universal movement of… Continuous Creation.

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